Whip cracking away!

The daily blog post, or in my case the weekly blog post popped into my inbox and I clapped my hands with glee. Make a list of the top ten songs you like. I decided to work out all the ways I could do this and decided to do it the only way I know how. In a humorous way. Not sure it has worked, let me know?
1) This has to be ‘Whip crack away’ from Calamity Jane. Oh yes indeed. Memories of donning my cowboy hat when aged about 10 and climbing on the arm of the couch are as clear as crystal to me. I was Doris Day and the couch got quite a whipping along with my screams of ‘Whip crack away.’ Although quite what I used as a whip in those days, escapes me but it most certainly was not an Ann Summers one. Oh, those were the days. Of course, whips mean something totally different now and my darling hubby does not always appreciate a chorus of Whip crack away during… whoops too much information and if you believe that you’ll believe anything.

2)Ah, ‘Jeepster’ by T.Rex. I so loved Marc Bolan. Yes, well I have often been told my taste in men is atrocious. Andrew, being the exception to the rule. I remember rushing to the local record store to collect my copy of this the day it was released. Pure bliss. I played it until it was totally worn out. Oh, how I miss Marc.
3)‘You’re my world’ By Cilla Black. This time I back combed my hair until I looked like a scarecrow. The top bunk bed became my stage and my hairbrush my mike. I then belted out along with Cilla, ‘You’re my world’. This lasted for about 15 minutes and then our downstairs neighbour would bang on the door begging me to stop. Andrew tells me even now that I cannot sing except like a dog in pain. Strange that, for I am convinced I sound like Adele!
4)‘Hungry eyes’ This is the most dreamy song and takes me back to my dancing days. Wonderful memories of being dropped during a jump (ouch). Standing in for the lead dancer and getting a standing ovation. Oh, and of course the real dirty dancing, oh yes. Those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end but of course they did.

5)‘It’s too late’ Carol King. I remember hearing this on the radio and went and bought the album ‘Tapestry’ and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Here I was listening to what seemed like Blues and it all seemed very decadent and cool. Of course it has since become one of my all time faves.
6‘The long and winding road’ The Beatles bootlegged version. I bought this at a Beatles fair in London. Shortly after the fairs got raided and everything confiscated. I got away with my bootleg though (phew) A fab version with just piano and Paul’s voice. Heaven to the ears. Those bootleg fairs were something else and so were the raids.
7)Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits. Memories of a past love. Say no more.
8)Answer by Sarah McLachlan. I first heard this song when I saw the film ‘Brave one’ with Jodie Foster. I fell in love immediately and forever adored it. In fact it was the chosen song for my entrance to my wedding to Andrew and is very special to us.
9)Theme from the film ‘Sleeping with the enemy’ This music was often in the background when I spoke to my then future husband. Of course, I had no idea he was to be my future husband. I only then knew he was a good telephone friend and great internet buddy. I had no idea what he looked like but the music always made me think of him and still does. Of course, when we did meet he looked not at all what I imagined but was still perfect to me.
The outcome of our meeting bore no resemblance to the film, thank goodness and not a gun or house by the sea to be seen!
10. What I am listening to now, Will Young, ‘Jealousy’ fab.
And that, Guys and gals is it.

2 thoughts on “Whip cracking away!

  1. Great songs and I enjoyed the story behind each one. Heck, I thought I was Miss Whiplash – clearly not!! Did you meet Andrew online then? Just curious because my dad met his missus on friendsreunited and he’s ancient now and soon they celebrate their 4th wedd anniv.


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