Dog food and Jude Law (a fable)

Time to come clean I think. All that skulking around the fish counter and pretending I am buying crab sticks when my eyes are clearly on something else has got to stop. I am close to becoming a menopausal woman for goodness sake. No, you’re not, I hear your cry. Oh, all right then, I’m not. But I will one day and then all this madness will have to stop. So what is it that has me behaving in the manner of a mad woman when visiting my local supermarket. Who or what is it, that drives me to buy twelve tins of dog food when I don’t own a dog? Or has me so demented that I enter the place wearing sunglasses, even when it is raining, in the manner of a celebrity so no one can see the desire in my eyes? It is Jude Law of course. Or more to the point the Jude Law look-alike clubcard man, otherwise known as Frank. I admit to even being tempted to drop by late at night in my P.Js such is my addiction. I see you holding your hands up in horror. I have tried to get this under control you understand. But Valium and counselling have had little or no effect. It all started last summer when I popped in to buy some bog roll. Jude Law accosted me at the door and amidst much swooning and patting of my hair I signed away my life. Well, it felt like that. I actually signed up for a clubcard and have not looked back. I also bought three lots of bog roll as they were triple points as well as 8 packs of crab sticks, also triple points (we don’t eat crab sticks, however we do use bog roll). I went back two days later and Jude Law commented on how nice my hair looked.
‘Oh, I just washed it,’ I shrugged. Well, that is Cheryl, the hairdresser had washed and blow dried it the day before, after highlighting and trimming it of course. But he didn’t need to know that. He showed me the special offers with double clubcard points and would you believe I couldn’t find my clubcard and we had to do the whole registration thing again. That was the day I came home with twelve tins of dog food and four lots of Denture Fixative. We don’t own either dog or dentures.
I am getting into serious hot water now. Today I saw that triple points are on I mean, we just don’t do Durex. We JUST don’t okay. But I was staring at them so closely that I did attract a few odd looks. Then, I saw that cat food has an offer. Now, how do I explain to Jude Law about the cat? Do I say the dog went to doggy heaven in the sky and in no time flat I replaced him with a cat? I mean it would kill two birds with one stone, if you get my drift. I would be rid of the dog and Bendy would at last get some real food instead of those mangy mice he keeps catching. Or do I just go cold turkey and cure myself of this disgraceful habit? I could of course say the cat is my neighbours. Well Bendy does spend a lot of time next door. Okay, okay, just a thought. Perhaps I can put myself on a withdrawal programme. Yes, that’s what I will do. Anyway must go, it’s national chocolate week and we need some chocolate and I could have sworn they were on offer.


5 thoughts on “Dog food and Jude Law (a fable)

  1. Lynda you hd me for a minute…. I thought you were on about the Jude Law guy until I realised the issue is triple points! I couldn’t resist thinking you are ‘barking mad’ but that’s just my sense of humour in relation to the dog food.
    I don’t do clubcards and now I can see why, although nice young men are another matter…


  2. You are just hilarious.
    My husband once bought a load of ‘mad dog” clothes from a mad dog shop because he liked the assistant. I still tease him about it. (This was before he met me of course). But I shouldn’t speak to soon. I mean there’s the pharmacist he wouldn’t change pharmacies for when we moved. He liked that assistant too.
    I’m sure Jude Law is worth all the dog food. You can ship it to me. Coffee and Milo want some.


  3. Nice! The only celebrity look alike I have found in my town is a Patrick Stuart look alike. He’s likable enough, but I wouldn’t run down to the store in the middle of the night just to see him, sorry Patrick.
    I say if it makes you feel better and doesn’t break your pocketbook to buy some exrra food, even if you don’t have a dog or a cant, then no harm no foul. 🙂


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