An Award? It’s a joke right?

Well, what can I say? It must be a joke right? I mean, I’m not actually famous or anything. Well, not real famous. I do feel like it when I win an award though and my lovely friend Jacqueline has been sweet enough to award me the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ which is an award I have coveted over the months. Now I have it and I didn’t even prepare a speech. ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ is for Blogs that make you feel good after you have visited and I am thrilled to know I do that. I am so thrilled that Jacqueline, whose great Blog ‘Maturestudenthanginginthere’ chose me. Her Blog always makes me feel good and uplifts me no end. She always comes up with such great idea’s that I feel excited just reading her words. Thank you Jacqueline for awarding me ‘One Lovely Blog Award.’
So to pass on this award I would like to send it to the following bloggers:-
Dribbling Pensioner. Who cheers me and always makes me feel good with his unusual and funny posts. There is always something unique coming from Dribbling Pensioner.

Nuggets and Pearls which is by my friend Marcia and what a great Blog. Always full of uplifting ideas and thoughts. Whenever Marcia posts a new entry I get excited, knowing it will inspire me. I cannot think of two more deserving Blogs. If I could I would give this to ‘Maturestudenthanginginthere’ but I can’t. Ah, well. Thank you again to all those who voted for me-whoops it’s not a Bafta is it? I get so confused. That’s next month isn’t it? I wonder if I can use the same speech. Okay, okay. A girl can dream can’t she?
Congratulations everyone. Keep on Blogging.


11 thoughts on “An Award? It’s a joke right?

  1. Wow Lynda – congrats to you on yet another award, not surprised though – you deserve much recognition for your writing. Many thanks for nominating me, I feel very honoured! Are there any rules to the award? Please let me know before I blog about it. Thanks again xx


    1. I couldn’t see any rules Marcia. I chose two people but I think mature student chose five. It is an award to be given to blogs that cheer you. Thanks for email. I am crappy with a heavy cold but will get back to you. xxxx


  2. Thank you very much Lynda for this award, i’m honoured and i will pass it on but its going to be hard to choose which ones, is it only two you can give out.

    I to like the Maturestudenthanginginthere blog so much to read in it.

    Also i’m glad to see Marcia, AKA , Christine, get the award she has some great post and loves a joke.


  3. Harry at the Dribblingpensioner passed on this award to me, so I stopped in for a visit to see who he got it from. Harry said you were a writer, and after years of struggle I’m getting my first book published.Do you know something? Now that I’m ready to leave; I do feel pretty good. Thanks for the feeling, and take care.


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