Down and Out

I thought I wouldn’t post for a while as feeling a little below par and normally my posts are cheery and upbeat. This is how I usually am too. I have spent the past ten years of my life keeping emotional vampires out of it. Of course, sometimes it is not as easy as it sounds. I allowed someone too get too close a few days ago and I paid the price. I feel quite emotionally battered. Very hurt and am still struggling to distance myself. I let my guard down. I know I am quite emotionally fragile and should have known better to get into anything with someone like that but I did. As soon as harmony is restored I will be posting my usual fun posts. Laughter is the best medicine after all. In the meantime I am very much enjoying all the upbeat posts I have been reading and they are lifting me. Normal programme will resumed as soon as possible, possibly even sooner than that. Do check my writer friend page on here. I just interviewed the lovely Jae De Wylde who talked about her new book.
Bye for now.


11 thoughts on “Down and Out

  1. It’s nice to hear from you and I thought I would just send some positive vibes to you with my comment. Hell we all need a bit of that. I can identify with what you write and I kind of touched on it in my post, ‘Back off you’re standing on my aura”. I’ve been emotionally drained recently as my mum suffers from depression and she has needed a bit of extra support of late. It’s something I find difficult to juggle and feel my boundaries being stretched in an unhealthy way. So Lynda, take all the time you need – we’ll be here when you get back to posting. Hell anyway, we can’t smile ALL of the time, folk would wonder what we’d been up to. Take care. J x


  2. Sorry you are feeling low Lynda I hope harmony is restored soon, in the meantime take care of you – be kind to yourself, give yourself time and pamper yourself. You are always there for others and we are here for you – love Karen x


  3. Lynda we touched on this very topic didn’t we….no-one is allowed to ever make you feel less than you are and don’t worry about feeling not up to par as Jacqueline says we will all be here when you are ready to return….pants over tights and flick that cape….that leaves the nay-sayers way behind…love to you Jx


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