Beautiful Cambodia

I have been lucky enough to visit many countries in my life but not one has stolen my heart as Cambodia did. I did not want to come home and could barely control my tears when saying goodbye to my step daughter in law. Not being able to have children of my own I have been very blessed with three lovely step children. The wife of my middle step son James has become very much like a daughter to me. The fact that she is now in Cambodia is difficult enough and leaving her and James was very difficult. We both failed miserably in controlling our emotions on the last day. The country itself as I said stole my heart. I cannot wait to return and hope to do so in the summer. While there, an assortment of wonderful ideas came to me and inspiration flowed like water. However, any ideas I may have conjured up were quickly dashed by my husband who always sees the practical. I never do. I am a jump into the deep end person. All my visions of moving out to Cambodia are not to be. So, I have decided to return in the summer for several weeks to do voluntary writing work if anyone will have me. Meanwhile, I have written a piece on the children’s hospital there as well as a brief posting on the Orphanage. I intend to write more as time goes on. But those two pieces are featured here on my Blog. If you wish to help either organisation in any way please let me know. There are still many humorous situations to share, not to mention the day I was almost bitten by a rabid dog. But for now I just want to share some photos of the wonderful people of Cambodia and the country itself.
We were very lucky to be invited to many places which tourists do not often see. One was a tour of the Angkor Hospital for Children. This was very moving and touched Andrew and I very much. We were also invited to see the Orphanage at the children’s Sanctuary. A nurse my stepson works with got married and invited us to her very traditional wedding. We were treated like celebrities. Everyone wanting to dance with us and have photos taken with us. It was amazing. We we also taken into a village to meet the people there. Here another wedding was taking place, one which we had not been invited to but they kindly allowed me to take photos of the reception hall and before Andrew and I knew what was happening we were taken up some steps to what I thought was a barn. It was in fact where the wedding ceremony was taking place. After much embarrassment we were asked if we would have a photo with the bride and groom.
But less chatter from me and more pictures.

Andrew with the local villagers.


A very happy me!

Beautiful Cambodia

A land mine victim

seen off by dog
Photo at the accidental wedding

My lovely daughter in law

The bride

Dancing and fun at a wedding

Making friends at the wedding

Beautiful Cambodia

New years Eve

Beautiful Cambodia

Known as sexy frog, in Cambodia

Andrew on New Years Eve with his Tuk Tuk driver friend

Where we ate dinner most nights


12 thoughts on “Beautiful Cambodia

  1. Welcome back. Cambodia looks amazing and I imagine it is like stepping out you’re lift into a completely different world. How wonderful that you have found such bonds in your family – us women are really good at that 😉 How easy is it for you to get set up for voluntary work out there? Oh and can I come, it looks fab.


    1. I spoke to the Human resources director at The Angkor hospital for children and they were keen for me to return to do some voluntary work, so fingers crossed. I have sent my CV… Oh, you can come with pleasure seeing as Andrew may not due to work commitments. Lucky you, on the wine. I wish. It hates me, even on glass and I am like a zombie the next day. Thank you J, it is good to be back. x


  2. Lynda what a wonderful experience …it does us the world of good to step out of our own backyards and I am sure you will be back there soon…such happy photos – thank you for sharing – Jane x


  3. Nice, down to earth shots.
    I recall vividly the pictures smuggled out during the Pol Pot regime.
    Glad that the country is getting back and we actually see smiles on people’s faces. God bless this lovely friendly people.


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