The girl did good

Whenever another blogger gives me an award it never fails to move me. It really is terribly exciting to open your emails and see you have been awarded. I am very thrilled to be awarded the Kreativ blogger award by one of the finest bloggers I know. I may well write for part of my living but I cannot blog half as well as Jaqueline maturestudenthanginginthere So it is a veritable thrill to be awarded this by her. I look forward to her posts and she never disappoints. As always there are rules to accepting the award and I always get nervous when having to read what they are, and am shaking in my boots and so will you be, when you hear that I have to empty my brain and reveal a list of things you don’t know about me. This is going to be very hard as I’m an open book, or so you thought… Just when it was safe.
Best of all though I get to promote other blogs that I read and love. So, having thanked Jacqueline, let us crack on without further ado. 10 things I can reveal about me and don’t say you weren’t warned.
1) I eat raw potato (yes I do)
2) I put sugar on tomatoes to bring out the flavour
3) I walk around barefoot all the time, Winter or Summer
4) I read magazines backwards
5) I’m night blind and need a night-light to see my way to the loo
6) My favourite phrase is ‘I’ll start my diet tomorrow’
7) I had a poverty-stricken childhood and remember often running out of loo roll (don’t go there) and Thursday before pay-day was scrape the butter off the wrapping. I now buy food and toilet for an army…
8) I’ve been married twice (so far)
9) I can’t have children
10) I can’t live without music (Never mind Mahler)
Aren’t you relieved that’s over?
Now to the bloggers I want to award and this is always hard. I am still very new to blogging and have very few blogging pals sob sob, so come on sign up to follow me…
My chosen bloggers for this wonderful award of creativity are as follows.

Nuggets and Pearls, the lovely Marcia who I know has currently hung up her boots, to my sadness. It was Marcia who rekindled my love for blogging and her creative and inspirational posts always sent me to bang away my own posts. She showed me there was a whole new world out there. So, thank you Marcia, you deserve the award and I hope you don’t already have it.

I also want to give this to The Dribbling Pensioner whose posts over the months have been the most creative I have read. Every time it has been something new and always something to make me think. A brilliant blogger who never ceases to amaze me with his ideas.

Finally Eric Algan whose brilliant writing makes me go green with envy. I hate him. No, of course, I don’t really. His wonderful flowing prose sometimes makes me want to weep for it is so perfect. I love reading his words on ‘Life of Mechanic Leigh’ I adore this journal so
very much. It is a place I go when I want to indulge myself. Thank you for that Eric. I know he has this award already but a second awarding of it does not seem so bad.

Please check out the blogs above if you have time. Congratulations to those of you who I’ve nominated. For those of you do accept your award then just follow the instructions on this post and I look forward to reading who you nominate and what you choose to tell us about yourself.


12 thoughts on “The girl did good

  1. I’ve only just got around to reading this Lynda – many thanks for the nomination, very much appreciated. Interesting facts about you, you may be an open book but you always tell us something new!


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