Things we take for granted

DSCF6685Some of you may remember my posts on Cambodia. But those of you who don’t or who didn’t read them the first time around, here are the links.
I am returning to Siem Reap on March 15th. To say I am excited is an understatement. I shall be visiting the Childrens Sanctuary and taking what summer clothes I can to help them out there.
Clothes are always needed. Children grow so fast and money is limited. Although the Sanctuary receives donations and sponsorship, there are always things needed. Sadly there will always be children needing help in Cambodia.
I will have limited space but am happy to take anything that you can offer.
Summer clothes are what is needed. Winter clothing is no good there as it is always hot. Even during the rainy season it is hot.
Please contact me if you have anything you can offer. You can email me at


3 thoughts on “Things we take for granted

  1. Will put together a parcel and send it to you. Will stick to light stuff so that you can squish in as much as possible. Spencer has also given me some money from his part time job earnings so it will be a bit of a joint thing. Will email you to check your address and get this off to you this week. Great idea 😉


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