What was your most embarrassing moment? Win a free signed book…


Hello all.

I’m in need of help.

I’m doing research for my new novel. Do you have an embarrasing story you can share?

A wedding catastrophe: A dating story: The idiot you met and why they were an idiot:

I need ideas on dating. If you have tried different dating strategies and have a story to tell please tell it to me.

I am particulary interested in Speed Dating and what happens and any funny outcomes you have experienced.

If you have met an idiot do tell me about them. All funny stories appreciated.

The owner of any ideas used will be sent a free signed copy of my last novel ‘Coconuts and Wonderbras’

Email me your stories at fundates@renham.co.uk

If you win I will email you for your address.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance.



2 thoughts on “What was your most embarrassing moment? Win a free signed book…

  1. Sounds interesting. I don’t have dating stories but I did have a pal who tried internet dating and turned up to find that her date was a (ok into dangerous territory now in terms of being PC) little person or dwarf. No mention of this from the chap of course when they made arrangements to meet. My pal was like most women, she just carried on regardless, even to the extent of pretending to not notice – size isn’t important, as she put it, but it kind of was. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. Put her of internet dating for life!

    Not a dating story, well in some ways it kind of was, but someone not my date. I was going home and usually bought the Big Issue from a guy who always stood on the church steps. I hurried along with all my bags, saw the seller with only one Big Issue left standing on the church steps. I handed him my money and he looked confused, “It’s for your Big Issue” I said thrusting the money at him. “I’m not selling the Big Issue, I’m waiting to meet my girlfriend”. I don’t know who looked more horrified. I did nothing for the guys self esteem I’m sure. He had to wait to meet his girlfriend, maybe it was a first date, a big date I don’t know but the poor guy would have it in his mind that he looked like a homeless person. Maybe it was the grunge look that ladies of my age don’t get. I have to say I drove home crying laughing!

    Good luck with the new book and I’ll ask around the office to see if anyone has good dating stories for you. Even better I’ll invite all my single pals around, open some wine and write down all they say and send it to you 😉


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