Change of Blog

sanc4Hi all,

From this point onwards all my blog posting and photos about Cambodia will be featured here

I have decided to start a separate blog about my experiences in Cambodia and keep this one for the humourous daily happenings in my life.

I will also be setting up a new blog for my photography.

Stay posted and for those interested in Cambodia then please follow me on open salon.

Thank you.


12 thoughts on “Change of Blog

    1. Not exactly. I help out at an orphanage and did some writing for the children’s hospital there and my son works in the hospital there. So we spend a lot of time there. I love it. x


      1. I’m not sure but I am sure there must be. I know someone who teaches in Phnom Penh I can ask them for you?
        I spent most of my time in Siem Reap. I can ask my son also if he knows of anywhere. Which part did you want to work in?


      2. I’d probably prefer paid, but I wouldn’t expect much and also it would depend on what the deal was. I have a tefl certification, and a year experience teaching in publican Georgian elementary schools.


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