Is there something after?

Sometime I miss my dad so much it is physically painful. I just want to give him one last hug and tell him how much I miss him. I was in the Philippines when he died. There was so much I wanted to say. Some days it hurts so much and yesterday was one of those days. I became distressed telling him I just wanted a hug with him. Last night I dreamt my dad came and we hugged. It was very real. My husband tells me it is just what was in my mind that day and that is what comes out in your dreams. I really want to think there is more to it. But is there??


My lovely dad with my mum who now has dementia. xx

9 thoughts on “Is there something after?

  1. What is it they say? No-one is truly gone who is remembered? Something like that… I’ve had dreams of my dad, where we’ve sat down and had a chat like we used to, and then I’ve said ‘hang on, you’re dead’. Then he shrugs, as though it’s no big deal, and wanders off, it’s so real that I can’t believe it isn’t happening, in some other reality. I’m sure your dad knew how much he was loved, however far away you were!


  2. Grief is so painful, you are in my thoughts. Trust the feelings you receive in your dreams – the ‘real’ ones really stand out from others, they have a different quality to them. If this reasonates with you, it was real.


  3. Lynda – I am sorry yesterday was difficult for you – I personally believe there is more that the spirits of our loved ones pass over and continue to be around us – I am not deeply religious and have never seen a ghost / spirit – but since I lodged with an elderly lady at University was into spiritualism and psychics I came to believe that there is more. I am sure that if there is more then your Dad heard you and came to give you a hug. The photo of your Mum and Dad is lovely – losing a parent is hard at any age and we miss them so much – I hate not having my Mum and Dad here – But I am thankful for all the wonderful memories that I have to look back on. Sending hugs xxxx


  4. I am so sorry for you loss. When I lost my dad, I was very angry that I didn’t have the chance to tell him what I needed to and vice verse. I was there but he was unable to speak to us. I really do believe that there is communication that can take place between those still on this earth and those that have passed. I have experienced it in small ways and know many who have on a greater level. Dreams could be the tool that is used and who is to say that there is no reality happening in our dreams?


  5. I truly believe that we take the connections when they are offered to us. A hug is a hug – don’t think it through just see it as a blessing. I believe there is something after because the people we love live on in our hearts. J x


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