Is anyone out there or over there?



We’re all driven to extreme measures in times of crisis aren’t we? I’m not immune from this and the past few years following my dad’s death has driven me to look for answers to questions like.

Is there more? Does life after death exist? Can people connect to the other side? In fact is there even another side?

Of course like everyone I have experienced odd things in my house. In fact if you look back I have blogged about them. But how much of that was just intuition, feelings, coincidence. I wanted to feel that it was real. That the missing knives and keys had something to do with something called apports. But was it just me being absent-minded. God knows, those who know me will tell you that you couldn’t meet a more absent-minded person. But, I wanted to think it was more than that. Don’t we all? But I am also a rational minded person and I was finding it hard to believe that there was a spirit world.

I looked into near death experience and contacted my dear friend Dr Kenneth Ring. You can read more about him here. A renowned expert of NDE and very well-respected. After exchanging many emails with Ken and reading many of his books I still remained doubtful.

The only way to discover if someone could make contact with my dad was to go to a psychic medium myself. I spent a long time researching them. I finally made contact with a lovely lady on Twitter. A fellow author and I felt warmth from her and decided to have a reading with her.

I had readings in the past. One told me I would divorce my then husband and remarry again some years later to a man who had three children. That was pretty accurate. Another told me I would write books. But I can’t help thinking back and wondering how much I may have helped them. Did I divulge more than I intended? Was my keenness to know the future so strong that I almost put words in their mouth?

My reading on the phone with the lovely lady I met on Twitter was quite impressive. However, the person I wanted to come through, my dad, didn’t happen. I rather felt this was impressive in an odd kind of way. I rationalised that if this woman wanted to make money from me she would have brought forward the person I wanted. She would have attempted to please me. However, she didn’t. Much of what she said I couldn’t connect with and sadly I could not ask my mother who has dementia, for confirmation. But there was one very odd thing that came from the reading. My father in law whom I was close to seemingly came through. Oddly enough I was talking to my husband about his father the night before when looking through an ancestral site. I asked him what the Diamond reference meant. Diamond was used by my father in law in so many ways. My husband thought it was his father’s sister’s name but wasn’t sure. During my reading when my father in law seemed to come through, the psychic said she was being given something but she wasn’t sure if it was a name or not but she would give it. It was Diamond. That was uncanny. But I still find it hard to understand why the spirits have to be so cryptic in their messages with some psychics and yet Lisa Williams the well-known Psychic seems to get everything from shots in the head to weary legs.

But feeling quite impressed with this reading I thought I would try someone local to see if my dad came through this time. So off I went to a local guy who claimed to be a medium, using a monk spirit. He charged me twenty-five pound for the hour and for some odd reason his wife chose to sit in for the first fifteen minutes. The first question I was asked was:

‘Is there anyone in particular you would like to come through for you?’

‘My dad,’ I answered.

Oh, what a mistake that was. The whole reading was with my dad. I have no idea whose dad he was talking about but I know damn well it wasn’t mine. This man loved gardening, in fact he was an expert. My dad did the garden because it had to be done. He asked what happened to his car. I don’t know why he asked me considering he was the one who sold it. He would reach across the bed to my mum and it was just like the beginning of their marriage. Odd seeing as the last five years they had separate bedrooms. My dad tells me I am in the boss in my marriage. NO WAY JOSE. The funniest thing was when I asked if my dad knew about my success as a writer I was told ‘yes, he knows everything he said.’ But he didn’t seem to know what had happened to his car. Ever felt conned?

I’m not dissing all psychics. At least not yet as I am sure they are not all frauds although some people might disagree. So, I shall see what the next one comes up with. Hopefully I’ll get my dad and not someone else’s.




5 thoughts on “Is anyone out there or over there?

  1. I do not believe in such things, people are making money out of others grief , if it could happen we would have tried to contact our daughter.

    We have learnt not to dwell on grief get on with life, the dead are gone never to return in any way.

    We do go to her grave every two weeks.


    1. So sorry for your loss harry. Was this recent? No one expects their children to go before them. I hate to think that all psychics are frauds though. Because that would mean they are cruel, all of them. I would hate to think that was true. I hope you have found some comfort. I am so sorry. Love Lynda x


      1. Thanks Lynda, no it was twenty years ago when she was twenty two, but she knew she would die young, very brave.
        Never, has anyone, been able to bring someone back from the dead, only in private meetings.
        The worst thing to do is tell anything about anyone, let them try to contact someone you know and you will see they will fail.


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