One bloody rude psychic

I write a polite email to a psychic. In fact I wrote the same email to two psychics. I found both on the web. One stated clearly on her web page which I quote verbatim that there are frauds in the medium ship business. The spelling errors are not mine.

‘Although I belive (sic) in what I do I can still be sceptical of the presentation of mediumship. I know of some wonderful mediums who are honest and I have also come across some complete frauds who are just in it for what they can get out of vulnerable people and are also feeding their ego… Sorry but it has to be said !!… When booking a medium always go by personal recommendation. Be as careful in choosing a medium as you would a (sic) in choosing a doctor or a hairdresser for instance. Having a private sitting is a very personal experience and if you are not in the company of a genuine honest medium then you are at risk of all sorts of problems. Always check with your local Spiritualist Church if you are in doubt as many of them will hold a list of reputable mediums in your area.’

So I felt she was genuine, honest, and my email basically confirmed that there were frauds. I WAS in agreement with her statement. I explained why I felt I had been the victim of frauds, and I also went on to say that I did not feel all psychics were and I wondered how much money one would have to spend finding a genuine psychic. Her statement says contact your local spiritual church. I had done this and the last person I saw spent an hour telling me what a great artist I was. This is someone who can’t draw an apple. Still feeling there is a decent psychic out there and close to where I live I asked this particular one if she could recommend someone. My email was not rude. I even began by saying how nice she seemed and genuine, which was what drove me to email her.

Her response was to update her Facebook Status which was rude. It read.

‘Why do people send me lengthy e.mails telling me how they have never managed to date to find a genuine honest medium and explain how disappointed they have been and how they feel we are all the same and only do it for the money and have no repect for their relatives in the spirit world because we either make it up or we google them and take any info about them and use it in a private sitting……..then have the bollocks to ask me to help them…my heckles tend to go up when someone takes that attitude with me and I tend to refuse to go any further with my communication with them. Hate being tested !!!!I  l NEVER said they were all the same, in fact far from it. I actually said   ‘But the thing that bothers me is that I find it hard to believe that every psychic and tarot reader is a fraud. I cannot believe people would clearly lie to people about their dead family members. This is cruel and even if they believe their intentions are good it is still lying and I find it hard to believe that there are that many liars and cruel people out there. Some must be genuine…

Where I was testing her I do not know. I was asking for help… Me thinks she doth protest too much. But I take umbrage to being misquoted in this way and then to have her friends call me a moron and rude.

This is enough to put me off all psychics. Luckily it hasn’t so far but I’m getting close.

I won’t say her name but will happily give it if you email me for it…

4 thoughts on “One bloody rude psychic

  1. Hello lovely, send me an email as I may be able to help here – there are some belting ‘egos’ out there… ‘’ Xxx


  2. Given the level of English used, I have to wonder if maybe reading and writing is not the prime skill here? People who don’t read fluently (in my experience) tend to ‘skim read’ and extrapolate – so it is possible that she simply misunderstood and misread your e mail, Lynda. Plus, of course, it might not even be ‘your’ mail that she’s talking about specifically, she may have received a number of them and just lumped them all together.

    But poor you. It’s not nice to be treated like this when you’re only looking for answers.


    1. Thanks Jane. It was my email she was referring to. She made several references to things I said. I couldn’t reprint all of it. Mind you, my errors in the posting on here were pretty grim. That will teach me to use a Blackberry Tablet when posting 🙂 But to think she had made obvious spelling errors on her web page and was so defensive makes me wonder about some of these people… Still, onwards and upwards. xxx


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