Can you help a child?

In just over two weeks I will be making a trip to Cambodia. A country I consider my second home. I always visit an orphanage there.  The children always need clothes, toys, pencils, games, anything you can offer. It makes their life happier.

These children have no family. The Children’s Sanctuary is their home. It is a small house where they live and somewhat cramped. I have, however, never met happier children.


My first visit to them was almost two years ago now and I have been several times since. I am always made very welcome. On my last visit I was very humbled when the children helped me celebrate my birthday and bought me presents.

My Birthday
My Birthday

The little I can offer them never seems enough. Please help if you can. You can email me at and I will give you an address to send any contributions you have.

Thank you in advance.

Giving it away…

teddy 2


I’m giving away a free signed copy of my new novel ‘The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties’

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Meanwhile read all about me, my handbag and Lady Gaga over at Talli Roland’s blog.

I’m loving writing books to cheer you all up. I wrote comedy after deciding how nice it would be to re-create in a book that wonderful feeling you get from a lovely feel good film and I think I have achieved that. Enjoy and Good luck. xxxxx