Don’t you just love public spats?

It’s amazing how the Miley Cyrus and Sinead O Connor spat has grown so big in a matter of days.  Many siding with Sinead for her motherly advice (yeah right) and to support her following the spiteful tweets from Cyrus. It seems to be most people’s opinion that Cyrus needs to grow up and learn from Sinead.

My opinion for what it is worth. And it isn’t worth much and most people don’t listen to it at the best of times. The only thing that has come out of all this is a wider awareness of both singers and not always in the best way. Surely it has only heightened our awareness of Miley. I for one had never listened to her music but of course was driven to check out the You Tube Video that has been mentioned and to listen to her stuff. Which is surprisingly good, whether she strips off is pretty irrelevant to me. Surely all Sinead has done is highlight herself once again and drawn attention to all the idiotic things she once did when young. Her mental illness and breakdowns not to mention her bipolar has again been highlighted. Many may think she is not the ideal woman to be giving advice. Sinead learnt the hard way admittedly but surely the old adage still stands of ‘Don’t give advice unless it is asked for’ Sinead took it upon herself to advise a young woman, who like most young women is not going to listen and it seems to have backfired on O Connor. I personally think she should have kept her opinions to herself unless asked. She’ll be advising Lady Gaga soon and that is a spat I would very much enjoy. It’s sad that Sinead is now threatening legal action over a situation she pretty much started herself. If you are going to hint to a young woman that she is little less than a prostitute, then you need to expect a response. If you’ve led a whiter than white life then you have nothing to fear. Sadly Sinead has led the complete opposite. Best to keep your mouth shut sometimes…

I expect many people to disagree with me. Stating that Miley Cyrus has a responsibility to young people and to her fans. Of which I totally agree. But an open letter from Sinead O Connor who spent much of her life offending just about everyone is not the answer.


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