My View on the World of Ebooks (for what it’s worth)

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I’ve given a great deal of thought to my books and the best way to sell them. I’ve watched books sell for 59p to 77p and have studied all the deals offered on Amazon and have spent a great deal of time talking on the phone to an Amazon representative who was keen to get me to sign with Amazon exclusively.

Much thought and a great deal of watching has made me choose the path I have now taken.

I have chosen to give two books to Amazon exclusively just to test the waters and so far have not been impressed.

I’ve watched the countdown that Amazon offers and their offer to put my book on for free and have come to a few conclusions. Bear in mind these are mine. This is my choice and is not critical of how anyone else works. I have tried the freebie and the 77p price. But finally I have made my decision.

I have decided not to sell my work at less than £1.99. I feel my work is worth that. If I sell my work for 77p or less than frankly I feel I may as well hand them out to people in the street. I value myself and my work and feel I devalue myself and my work by doing that. It takes many months of hard work to write a novel and is good value at £1.99. I am happy to sell older books at a lower price but no lower than £1.53 unless for a special promotion.

I feel the countdown and freebie offers are only beneficial to Amazon. People rush to download them but how many read them immediately? Not many. People will grab an offer. I’ve done it and still they sit on my Kindle. Freebies too and while your book climbs the freebie chart it of course drops in the paid Kindle one. It all seems pointless.

I will not hand over my books exclusively to Amazon because I sell well on other platforms so why should I?

If my books are in the charts great, if they’re not, it doesn’t matter. I’m looking at the big picture.

I think Amazon are the only winners of the KDP select programme and I am refusing to be part of it for the time being. The only thing I do find annoying is when another platform lowers the price of my ebook without my knowledge and then Amazon drops to price match. I hate this loss of control. Amazon’s aim is to put everyone out of business and I want no part of that.

I,  in agreement with my publisher and management agency have decided to sell my books at the value I think they are worth. and not worry about charts. I’d rather have a fab readership and give them value for money and stay the same price. After all, as a reader the thing that irks me most is continual price changes and I have bought books at £1.99 only to see them on for 77p the next day. Very annoying.

I’m in this business for the rest of my life hopefully. So, if you want a Lynda Renham book I hope you’ll be happy to pay between £1.53 and £1.99. Think of me like L’Oreal, because I’m worth it.


6 thoughts on “My View on the World of Ebooks (for what it’s worth)

  1. I’m glad you have a good publisher and that you have worked everything out. I think these freebie ideas are for new authors to get exposure and reviews.


  2. I totally agree with you Lynda, I’m on a tight budget and there are many kindle books I would love to read but for me £1.99 is a nice price to pay and it doesn’t break my budget too much. I’ve seen others that I would love to read but they’re £5+ and I just don’t have the money to spend like that I now ask for books or money for presents so I can keep it and treat myself to a good book.


  3. I agree with you Lynda, you are worth it! I wouldn’t expect to pay less than the true value for something, and £1.99 is already a reasonable price for all the work you’ve put into your books.


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