A Plea to Scientists around the World: “Study Oxytocin for Brain Tumour Survivors, Please!”- READERS, I NEED YOUR HELP!

My six year old granddaughter Hana was diagnosed earlier this year with a brain tumour. Her mother Naomi, my stepdaughter has been amazing and her determination to find a cure forHana’s brain tumour related heath conditions is admirable. I hope you will read her blog below.
Lynda x

image My beautiful Hana, I WILL find a way to heal you xx

If you’re reading this, is there any chance you can help me with a campaign? I want to ask scientists worldwide to consider researching a new potential cure for my little girl’s brain tumour related health conditions.  All you’ll need to do is press “share” on your Facebook or share through whatever social medium you use so that this blog post is seen  by as many people as possible. This way, someone, somewhere may go

“YEAH! Cool idea for a study! Let’s do it!’

And that way, you may be instrumental in pushing science forward in a direction that could help my daughter and thousands like her have a better quality of life.

If you are short of time just read these five short paragraphs:

In a Nutshell My six year old daughter had a brain…

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