When it makes no sense!



I never thought I’d be blessed with grandchildren. I never had children. I wasn’t able to. Not going to do a downer about it. After all who wants to read that, right? Suffice it to say, I came through it and am out the other end. No bitterness. The odd sad day but nothing I can’t cope with. I won’t be a victim when there are plenty of victims already who deserve that title more than I do.


I have been blessed, however with stepchildren. I know it isn’t the same and one’s expectations of them are very different. My aim was just to be accepted and most of all to make their father happy. I like to think I have done that. He tells me often how happy he is with me. I admire and like my stepchildren. I see their father in them and that makes me happy. I also have the added bonus of grandchildren. This was something I never anticipated. So, I am devastated at what is happening to my beautiful granddaughter Hana who is now suffering from  ‘Hypothalamic Obesity’

Hana was diagnosed with a brain tumour, a Craniopharyngioma over the Christmas holidays.  Hana is now a different child. Her mother, my stepdaughter, Naomi has showed herself to be remarkable in a way I could never have been. Her positive attitude is a lesson to us all.

Her blog postings bring tears to my eyes. They are so far away in Australia with no family close by to support them. I imagine how I would be in this situation and it doesn’t bear thinking about.


We saw Hana in September when we spent a week with them. We had spent several days together in London before this and Hana had seemed fine. Bouncy, happy and full of fun. We could never have envisioned her as she is today. Dependent on drugs, getting bigger every day and finally confined to a wheelchair when she goes out. Sadly her weight is too much for her feet to take.

There is no rhyme or reason for why such a thing should happen.

Naomi blogs regularly about her struggle. It is not a depressing blog, in fact quite the opposite. Please take some time to read. It would be wonderful to highlight Hana’s plight.

You can read it here Naomi’s blog


Naomi with her daughter


9 thoughts on “When it makes no sense!

  1. A bittersweet post but I love how you always remain positive. I’ve followed little Hana’s journey with you, Lynda, and she does sound a remarkable little girl and in inspiration to us all.

    Kathryn x


    1. Thank you darling. Being positive is something I struggle with. It isn’t easy when you can make no sense of things but there is no other way really. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to respond too. xxxx


  2. I also have followed Hana and Naomi’s journey from your first post about it. I pray for Hana daily. I empathize with you on when things just don’t make sense. I love how positive Naomi is, and yet she also writes it like it is. I also never thought I’d be blessed with being a grandma too. I’ve come through to the other side of being childless too. Love to you Lynda.


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