Why Every Woman Should Read A Lynda Renham Novel


Thrilled to have this fab article written about me by the very talented Gabriella De Feo



by Gabriella De Feo

Smiley Sport Journalism Graduate who writes about anything from weddings to work outs!



I was first introduced to Lynda Renham’s books by my Mum three years ago. She said ‘Croissants and Jam’ was a bit rude, a bit sweary and very funny (not far off how I’d describe myself!) So I had to give it a read.

Perhaps a bit cliche but I honestly couldn’t put the book down. Renham’s writing style is simple yet nothing is predictable, making it only too easy to read on and find out which relatable incident has happened to her female lead.

Somewhat Bridget Jones-esque,the romantic comedies this extremely talented author creates have a lot more depth and will doubtlessly keep you guessing more than your average love story.

At present I am fortunate enough to be reviewing her latest release ‘Rory’s Proposal’ which, in a welcome change from previous romance-dominated titles, centres around a woman who faces the challenge of running her own business.

Whether you have recently taken up reading as a hobby, want a reason to laugh or are a fan of authors such as Helen Fielding, I can assure you a book (or a few!) by Lynda Renham will do more than put a smile on your face.

Lynda’s books are available to buy in either Paperback or Kindle Edition on Amazon.


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