A plea for understanding


There are a number of reasons why I am an atheist. I wish I wasn’t. I wish I did believe in a loving God but I don’t. After seeing what is happening to my granddaughter I feel even more strongly that a loving God does not exist. That is not to say I don’t have a strong spiritual feeling.

This is the story of my Granddaughter Hana and of other children in the same situation. It is cruel and unfair.


There will be comments on this post of that I have no doubt but I’m not intending to respond to anything that criticises my right to not believe. As a non believer the burden of proof is not on me.

I would love to have faith and I envy those who have that comfort. I’m not criticising it or those who have it. It is as much your right as to not believe is mine.

Please share Hana’s story. We would appreciate any help we can get. You can read Hana’s story on my stepdaughter’s blog here





4 thoughts on “A plea for understanding

  1. Lynda I understand what your going through, my daughter needed a heart and lung transplant to save her but alas she did not get it.

    I will send the link to a cancer consultant I know and he may come up with some information, that’s all I can do for you all.


  2. Coming from a strong belief background, I hardly know what to say. I respect you as a person. I respect your right to not believe as much as I respect my own right to believe. I read every post about Hana and pray for her daily, as well as share posts from Nurse Naomi. I pray for you too. Love you Lynda!


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