*Fudge Berries and Frog’s Knickers Competition*


To celebrate the release of ‘Fudge Berries and Frog’s Knickers’ next Friday the 23rd Jan, we have a fab competition on my Facebook author page. It is open to anyone who wishes to take part. I’ve published some of the entries. Good luck. Don’t forget you can order the paperback now! Go here.


PhotoFunia-57cfdc8 froggie6

Here’s the competition. A bit different to those I usually have. There will be several winners so do take part.
It’s easy. With this post I’ve posted the book cover for ‘Fudge Berries and Frog’s Knickers’ To take part in the competition all you need to do is take the picture and make a fab picture with it of your own. I’ve attached one I’ve done using http://photofunia.com/ There are many other sites you can find on Google or you can do your own using a photo programme. You can post as many pictures as you like on Twitter and Facebook. Just be sure to mention me on twitter @lyndarenham and share with me on Facebook so I know what you’ve done and post it on here the author page. Each photo you do gets you a token to go into my draw. The more pictures you do the more tokens you get and the higher the chance of being drawn from the hat. I have pens, key rings, mug and signed books to give away. You can start now but remember to tell everyone in your posts that the book is out on 23rd Jan. If you post after that make sure you mention that the book is now available. The competition is open until my birthday on the 10 February. Good luck. I can’t wait to see your photos. If you’re not on Facebook or Twitter, simply send them to me at lynda@renham.co.uk and I will post them and pop a token into the draw for you.

Can’t wait to see your ideas.

Much love




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