My Daughter’s Obesity: One year after the War began.

There are no words to express how we feel…

IMG_0362One thing is for sure: we’re still losing the battle…but we aren’t giving up.

Hana’s Hypothalamic Obesity…

Hana hit 51.4 KG this week. So she’s gone from 21.4 KG January 2014, to 51.4 KG in just over 12months. Can you imagine what that must be doing to her body on the insides? It makes me feel sick to think about her liver, her heart and the threat of Type 2 Diabetes looming on the horizon. She had an oral glucose tolerance test a few months ago and this showed that her body churns out enormous levels of Insulin – both fasting and with glucose stimulation. What this means is that her brain is stimulating her Vagus Nerve – which connects to her Pancreas – to constantly pump insulin. This contributes to her sensation of constant hunger but high levels of insulin can also cause weight gain, brain fog and irritability…

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