About Me

Lynda Renham is the author of the bestselling Romantic Comedy novels Croissants and Jam’ ‘Coconuts and Wonderbras’ and ‘Pink Wellies and Flat Caps’  The Dog’s Bollocks Rory’s Proposal’ and ‘It Had to be You’ as well as many others.

Lynda also writes psychological thrillers; you can find out more about those on her thriller page. Lynda lives in the beautiful Cotswolds, where the inspiration for many of her novels come from. Lynda is always keen to hear from her readers and you can contact her on Twitter and Facebook

Lynda has recently signed with publishers Bloodhound Books so do join their Facebook page to learn about any new books being released next year.


21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Lynda, My apologies for not being available. I’ve been way overwhelmed and overstressed. My son is doing better. I’m weak right now. Too much on me lately, you know. I must get some energy myself, but hopefully, with the help of a healer I’ve met, soon I will feel better. Your blog looks very nice by the way. Also, my friend Ash, she is smart and generous. I’m guessing, if she has time, she would help you if you need help right away. She is at http://wolfdreams.wordpress.com/ –Also listed on my blogroll in my right sidebar. I hope to come back soon, and catch up on some of your reading. ‘Til then, take good care, and don’t forget me okay :). with love, Michelle.


    1. Michelle,
      I wont forget you, thanks so much for getting back to me when you feel so poorly. Thank you for Ash’s address. I will look up her blog.
      Take care and feel refreshed soon. No rush. I am always here.


    1. Harry,
      You are on my blogroll. I look forward to being on yours, thank you. I have some personal problems at moment. Father-in-law very ill but as soon as things settle I will tell you what rubbish is acceptable as a guest posting 🙂


  2. Hi Lynda, I wanted to say Merry Christmas and also, that I finally accepted the Versatile blogger award. Finally! Thank you. Also, I want to add your blog to mine. I haven’t been able to write too much lately, at least not clear enough to publish. Maybe my voice will return soon. Took me forever to do the links, and I always get something wrong lately. Oh well. I’ll blog on, I guess. Sending you good wishes and much cheer! Michelle.


  3. Lynda,

    Your article is now featured at Bucket List Publications under the volunteer section. You can check it out at http://www.bucketlistpublications.com/. It will also be featured on http://lesleycarter.wordpress.com/ on Wednesday, February 22nd.

    Thank you for your submission and I hope to hear from you again soon,

    Lesley Carter (Bucket List Publications Editor)


  4. Hi Lynda. Well, I don’t normally associate with those that avoid chocolate, but you seem all right. No, scrap that. You seem lovely. I have to tell you, being the dum-dum that I am, I wasn’t familiar with Cotsworld. I looked up a few images, and you’re right. It’s beautiful. I might even add breathtaking. Wow, I’ll have to add that one to the list of places to visit. If I do, I’ll look you up. Good to connect with you. Cheers.


    1. Hey, thanks for that. Very much enjoyed looking at your blog too. Although time to look at anything these days including the inside of my eyelids gets harder by the day. Good to connect and I shall pop over often. X


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