Reaping the benefits of country life
Hana visits
Dancing at the village fete




So it’s 2013 already and I’ve only just realised 🙂 Time for some more pics. So here they are…

Spending time with the children the the orphanage in Cambodia. My lovely friends. xx
A well earned holiday after a hellish time of building work…
2005-02-01 07.56.32
Meeting my lovely author friend Sue Guiney.






So, it really has been sometime since I added pictures to Me and all the rest. So here are the rest. There are some added pictures of Bendy enjoying this great weather and some of us from Saturday’s wedding.
Here is Bendy…

We went to a fab wedding at the weekend. Andrew’s nephew Robert got married and they had a great idea to have a dressing up corner where you could get photographed. Here are ours. I look a bit rough as I had forgotten my thyroxine for a couple of days and don’t you know it. My lovely Andrew looks gorgeous. Well, I think so.

Me with the lovely Anna.
The lovely Andrew with his mum and brother. x

Some photos of us. The us is me, Andrew and our baby, well our cat anyway, named Bendy.
His real name is ‘Bendrix’ but I don’t think we ever call him that. Enjoy and I will add more as I go on. Lynda x

A recent photo of us taken in Cambodia. Jan 2012
Cambodia 2012


Andrew and me at a recent wedding


Bendy at our wedding


This is Bendy. He is very proud in this photo. It was taken on a Spring bank holiday when the weather was lovely. He loves the sunshine.

Here are some added pictures of Bendy in his favourite place, the airing cupboard.

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